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About Design Engineering

Design engineering is a field that utilizes various principles from mechanical, electrical, civil, and industrial engineering to design and develop products, systems, and processes. In this field, technical knowledge is combined with creativity to solve problems and create innovative solutions. The development process of a product or system involves several stages, including understanding user needs, generating initial ideas, conducting detailed designs, creating prototypes, and testing them. Design engineering plays a crucial role in efficiently bringing products or systems into reality. The goal of this process is to solve various real-world problems and successfully develop creative and innovative products and systems.

      • Problem Solving: Design engineers identify problems and develop innovative solutions. This process involves understanding user needs and clearly defining the problem.
      • Conceptual Design:** Initial concepts and models are created. Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software is typically used to visualize the product and make necessary adjustments during the initial design phase.
      • Detailed Design:** Detailed design work begins based on the selected concept. Important parameters such as materials, dimensions, and tolerances are specified, and simulations and analyses are conducted to assess the expected performance of the design.
      • Prototyping and Testing:** Prototypes are built and tested to evaluate the functionality and performance of the design. This stage is crucial for identifying and resolving issues and improving the product.
  • Manufacturing and Production:** Collaborate with manufacturing teams to ensure that the design can be produced efficiently and cost-effectively. Consider factors such as manufacturability, assembly processes, and quality control.


  • Iteration and Improvement:** Design is an iterative process. Continuously improve the product based on test results and feedback to ultimately meet all requirements.


  • Multidisciplinary Collaboration:** Work with various fields such as industrial design, materials science, and computer engineering to create comprehensive solutions.


  • Sustainability and Ethics:** Aim for environmentally friendly designs and develop solutions with a sense of social responsibility.

Project Resonance

(Online Installation with physical artificial creature)

Project Resonance is an experimental project that uses physical kinetic objects shaped like biological entities to interact with audiences through social media (Instagram), video platforms (YouTube), and video meetings (Zoom). The purpose of this project is to explore new methods of communication by meeting and interacting with entities that humans do not typically encounter.

In short, Project Resonance is an experimental project that explores new ways of communication and interaction through digital media, using physical objects shaped like living organisms that cannot be found in reality.

Eco friendly VR Olympic

Project Overview: The VR Olympics Project proposes a future Olympics that does not harm the environment. The current Olympics is a large-scale event where athletes and spectators from around the world gather temporarily in one location. As a result, many buildings are constructed for the less-than-one-month duration of the Olympics, consuming vast environmental resources. Furthermore, many of these buildings remain unused and neglected after the Olympics conclude.

Proposal: The VR Olympics Project addresses these issues by incorporating virtual reality technology. This allows for fair sports competitions to be conducted virtually, enabling people from around the world to participate and support from anywhere. This approach minimizes environmental impact and presents a new, sustainable model for the Olympics.


Project Overview: This project is a proposal commissioned by HumanForest, an electric bicycle company based in London. HumanForest asked our team to find ways to foster a greater sense of ownership among users regarding the bicycles.

Proposal: We proposed an online game that allows HumanForest users to experience the environmental benefits of cycling in a virtual reality setting. This game lets users see the positive impact their bicycle usage has on the environment, thereby strengthening the community and motivating users to ride more. Through this experience, users can directly feel that their actions are contributing positively to the environment.

Poo  Poo Chair

Project Overview: The PooPoo Chair Project explores the use of 3D printing technology to create new job opportunities for individuals who have lost their jobs in the CNC industry, which played a crucial role during the Second Industrial Revolution.

Proposal: The PooPoo Chair project offers a solution by transforming CNC machines into large-scale 3D printers capable of producing various forms of furniture. This project utilizes hard and soft urethane as materials to create a wide range of furniture designs. By doing so, it helps existing CNC technicians acquire new skills and find new opportunities in the field of 3D-printed furniture manufacturing.


Project Overview: The E-Flower project aims to address situations where robots are unable to defend themselves even when humans attack them. This is a critical issue because the process of robot self-defense can potentially pose a threat to humans.

Proposal: The E-Flower project proposes research into methods for robots to protect themselves. This project suggests ways for robots to avoid inappropriate human approaches and defend themselves. This enables robots to ensure their safety without posing a threat to humans.

Adidas Sewing machine

In the ongoing sewing machine design and branding project aimed at expanding into the mountain gear market, Adidas intended a familial and comfortable design that allows convenient sewing anytime, anywhere, following discussions with Adidas stakeholders.

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