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About the project

3d modeling tool for Children 15. Sep. 2021 Arduino, PBT, Transparent monitor, ,Fusion 360 Folks: Jee yun Lee, Min wook Paeng, Jea Hyun Kim

3Doodle is a 3D modeling tool for children. Spatial skills, the ability to visualize the cross-section of a 3D object, are crucial in a wide range of problem-solving domains. Learning in 3D will help kids reason about shapes, angles and distances, thinking more clearly and accurately about mathematics. As we live in the digital era where everything is expressed on a screen, and as AR/VR will replace them, it is crucial to have an early education in 3D sketches. 3Doodle will provide children with the opportunity to draw in 3 dimensions.

3D modelling

Exhibition with the real model

User Journey
At the start of this new decade, we are facing massive changes in our lifestyles: transformations are being accelerated by the shifting reality, but technological innovations are helping us to overcome difficulties and to seize emerging opportunities. We live in the transition between a past that ended abruptly and a future that has not yet taken shape. Designers have the responsibility to recognize “The New Extraordinary,” and embrace technological and social changes to manifest new values and new paths.
3Doodle allows children to learn while drawing in 3D on the transparent monitor.
Physical blocks will be guiding children through the digital space.
Once the model is drawn, it could be shared with friends and family.
3D model could then be installed in the real world, visible through AR.

The new extraordinary we imagine is the world of augmented reality. With the rapid growth of the AR technology, public facility such as signboards, billboards and public installations will be replaced by AR. The street will be full of AR facility, viewed by wearable devices such as glasses and lenses.

Where 3D education meets public installation
With the help of AR technology, it is possible to expand education beyond 2d, teaching in a way that was never done before for young children.
The London Design Festival | Oppo x RCA
The New Extraordinary” Runner Up Project, OPPO/Thurloe Place Mews
3D printing
Puttying and modifying
Assembling pieces
Coloring 1
Coloring 2
Testing with transparent monitor


3 Doodle is the winner in London Design Festival.

SUBART ™ by Bear Lee.  2006.


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