special effects work for [YG Entertainment, Minho’s solo music video – “I’m Him”] 2014
The Dog Ride
h 2100 x w 2500 x l 1100 mm / semi-transparent acrylic (spreads light),
LED lights, heat sinking plane, urethane, compressed polystyrene
The Dog Mask
h 120 x w 140 x l 175 mm / 3d printed transparent resin



I made props of Minho’s solo music video “I’M HIM” at YG entertainment’s request. This song’s Korean mean is that I am a dog. The main prop was a large dog designed to automatically move along with the singer and emit blue light, and another thing was semi-transparent dog mask for Minho who is one member of Winner to wear.



The Dog Ride

h 2100 x 2500 x 1100 mm
LED lights, heat sinking plane, semi-transparent acrylic (spreads light), urethane , compressed polystyrene

Since the agency wanted to show a dog having strong image in the music video, this automatic movement and light made the singer’s song express. At the production planning stage of this, I considered the dog’s strength because of the safety of the person riding it. First step of process was to make 3D file and print a small dog to find accurate form to carve.


Drawing and Planning


Making Acrylic Sides

Installing Lights

Installing an Electric Motor and Riding



The Dog Mask

h 120 x 140 x 175 mm / 3d printed transparent resin

This mask is using for the singer’s music concert.


I printed out the results of transparent UV resin through a 3D printer a 3D printer to make a dog mask. It takes a lot of time this method , so I had to test other ways to use ABS and PLA. So I cast the face of the singer who would wear the mask, scanned it by using a 3D scanner and then put in 3D programs. Next step was to make the shape of the mask into 3D files. First print is to print an opaque ABS mask which was a way to check fast its form.

For the best fit, we compared the casted face shape , revised the files and made them PLA masks several times with considering about reflectivity and about light through using transparent acrylic. Finally, I found the shape of a mask that feels good to wear. The file was used to print the final mask using translucent resin.

First Drawing