CLUB HOTEL – a hotel
Haeun-daero 594beonga-gil, Haeundae-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea
interior and exterior,2013
2448.6 cubic meters
CAD, MAX, Photo Shop, paper


It is a hotel built on the beach of Haeundae, a world-famous tourist destination. There are more than one hundred large and small hotels in the area, and the hotel design competition is intense. I have had more than 20 meetings in three months because I think that the competitiveness of all hotel businesses is different depending on who runs and how. I worked on this building design, design supervision. The hotel attracts not only the younger generation with its colorful lighting and club-use devices on the subject of clubs but also families with its eco-friendly images and other spatial configurations. The person who commissioned me to work was the first person to run a hotel named Mr Park. The success of this hotel business made him the operator of 14 hotels.


Club room (VIP room)

This Room is the most iconic room in the hotel. More than four people can enjoy a special day. A DJ booth was built, and DJ equipment was installed in this room, with lights and lasers installed on the floor and ceiling. These have made this space a private small club.

Because Club Room was the most important room, several new designs were made.


Standard room

The bathroom in this room used curved glass. The ceiling-mounted lighting was installed on the bath. It made this room special. To give the visitor a romantic atmosphere, I spotted their movement and illuminated the lights behind their backs.


Semi special room

The Semi special room used warmer colours and brightened the lighting for the family than the overall hotel atmosphere. The room did not seem to be narrow because space was divided into a glass, and made a separate room to make the room look larger. A bath was spacious and made tile so visitors could enjoy it together. Wooden furniture and ivory walls make the mood warmer.


Special room

By eliminating the glass walls that divide the bathroom and the room with the bed, it made it easy for visitors to communicate, allowing them to enjoy the space more widely.


Suite room  A, B, C

Considering the age and preference of customers, the Suite Rooms have a different colour, lighting, and materials of the places while the three room styles have the same space composition. The main characteristic of the Suite Rooms is that the bath is made of glass, which makes the place seem spacious, but it is convenient to the manager, and the bath is used as the main decoration of the whole room. The shower room and toilet use natural stone blue stone to enhance the natural feeling, and the bathroom made of marble to make it’s atmosphere comfortable and luxurious. A separate place beside the bath made it possible for visitors to enjoy a foot massage and an oil massage.

A Suite Room is blue and cool and urban. B Suite Room is warm and calm with ivory colour. C Suite Room has a brilliant and broad effect by placing a mirror on one wall. I reduced the size of the bathtub and enlarged the space, unlike other Suite Rooms, to minimize the movement of the bath and area with the bed.

suite A

suite B

suite C


Entrance and Hallway.

Entrance and hallways are both simple to enhance the urban feel. Decorated with fresh materials and lighting.

To attract young people as well as family members, subsequent changes have reduced the unity of their designs, but they have made a reasonable replacement for the business. Overall, the lighting reduced direct lights and using reflective lighting and embedded lighting, which makes visitor’s eyes to be more comfortable.