KAY TOTAL MAKEUP SHOP -a makeup shop
Daehak-ro 12-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
interior and exterior,2015
70.7cubic meters
wood, lightings, tiles, glasses and other interior materials


When I designed this place, using lighting in almost all of the space to make space look larger and make the texture of the wood look better. And, I supervised the whole process of construction. I also worked with a carpenter on woodworking such as doors, shelves, walls, furniture, tables, etc., and installed pipe fittings and electricity with one of my staff. I worked with two part-time jobs and one staff member to install the insulation. in addition, I worked with two specialists on the floor level working wiring and piping landfills. I was asked to do FX Makeup Artist named Lee Kyung Hee who just came back after working in Canada.



Ceiling and Wall insulation

The Kay Total Makeup Shop was located on the 7th-floor rooftop and was vulnerable to heating and cooling, so I used a 50mm glass wool insulation that had a thermal insulation effect five times that of concrete. This construction enables the permanent cooling and heating energy savings and allows the maintenance of a pleasant indoor environment by consumption of small energy. The glasswort releases 0.8 ton of CO2 to produce 10 tonnes. However, buildings insulated with glass can reduce CO2 emissions by 6 tonnes per year. Assuming an average lifespan of 50 years, glass walls can reduce CO2 emissions by 300 tons. And, to utilize a lot of space, I narrowed wall and ceiling wall as much as possible.

Floor horizontal working wiring, and Pipeline embedding

To reduce the consumption of wall space, water purifier piping and additional continuous piping were floored to level the basin.



I fixed the wall on the floor so that the furniture in the bathroom would float on the floor and set the lights on the bottom of the furniture. This provides users with a clean and extended space. I also installed a boiler on the ceiling.


Front desk



Dressing Table

Toilet furniture, wardrobe, tea making, and bookshelves, etc., were mounted on the wall at 280mm, without touching the floor. It is installed on concrete and 12mm plywood and installed to withstand the weight of 300kg. And indirect lighting was established in the place where the shelves were cut. This not only makes space look wider, but it also makes it possible to maintain cleanliness in management. The multipurpose cabin installed in the centre of the dressing room made it possible to optimize it in a small space by considering the operator’s movement.


All the doors of this shop were made by me in the field according to the design.


The waiting table was made of red pines that had been dried for 10 years and was coated with a transparent matte urethane paint.


The walls, windows and doors of the terrace were made of red pine. The decks on the terrace floor were made of Kurin painted with stain paint.


Before Construction