When making a factory machine miniature, it is essential to understand the machine and accurately measure the critical parts of the device. Moreover, to make it eye-catching, it is necessary to make the corner angle of each section sharp. When installation of electrics or lighting is required, it requires more understanding of the machine.


Plant machinery testing aircraft engines

2012 / h 150 x 500 x 850 mm / mixed media

The motor rotates the center axis of the model and informs people of the plant’s core parts.


Carbon fiber factory line

2014 / h 120 x 500 x 1100 mm / mixed media

When the switch is pressed, the light of the device part of the name written on the switch is illuminated, the motor in that position is activated, and the carbon fiber runs along the factory line. To better show the carbon fiber, the carbon fiber was used without reducing the size


lightning rod

2012 / h 350 x 700 x 700 mm / mixed media

The enlargement of important parts of the factory made it easier to explain when the miniature was displayed.