Poopoo Chair -proposal for chair design with the new manufacturing method
19. Feb. 2021
Gravity Sketch, Keyshot, Blernder, Fusion 360
3D printer, Lego Blocks, Injector, plaster, urethane


I invented the new manufacturing method with new chair design for co-prosperity of old workers and new technologies. Through the chair design, I made a similar production method to a large 3D printer, using the new machine tool made by reassembling machines commonly used by small producers. This chair is made of hard urethane and soft urethane. As this chair is simple to produce, it is easy for the general public to design.
Since this production method connects consumers with producers in the closest place to them, it minimizes the transportation cost of goods that consume a lot of transportation, such as chairs and sofas. Also, this allows consumers to purchase furniture that fits the exact size and design they want. As a result, it guarantees the work of local producers.


Step 4-1. Coding – Portable type (house Beaver)


#include <Servo.h>

int distance = 0;

long readUltrasonicDistance(int triggerPin, int echoPin)
pinMode(triggerPin, OUTPUT); // Clear the trigger
digitalWrite(triggerPin, LOW);
// Sets the trigger pin to HIGH state for 10 microseconds
digitalWrite(triggerPin, HIGH);
digitalWrite(triggerPin, LOW);
pinMode(echoPin, INPUT);
// Reads the echo pin, and returns the sound wave travel time in microseconds
return pulseIn(echoPin, HIGH);

Servo servo_3;

int counter;

void setup()
servo_3.attach(3, 500, 2500);


void loop()
distance = 0.01723 * readUltrasonicDistance(5, 4);
for (counter = 0; counter < 1; ++counter) {
if ( distance <= 60) {
servo_3.write(180); //Move the continuous motor forward at full speed.
delay(900); //for 0.9 seconds
servo_3.write(90); //Stop the continuous motor.
delay(5000); //for 5 seconds
servo_3.write(60); //Move the continuous motor backward at 1/3 speed.
delay(2000); //for 5 seconds

else {
servo_3.write(90); ////Stop the continuous motor.
delay(10); // Delay a little bit to improve simulation performance


Step 4-2-1. Coding – LED for Installation type (Beaver Dam)