Mask / May 2020
My role – Design, manufacturing masks, distribution
PP(Polypropylene), Hepa filter(high-efficiency particulate air filter), elastic band 
Production method: heating and cutting without chemical bond 
Size & weight. explanatory reference

In developing a mask that can be used without distribution process through a 3D printer with Mandro, which is a development company of prosthetic hand, I realized the need for a mask for a developing country and started developing a low cost and semi-permanently reusable mask with a production cost of fewer than 10 cents; names of which are Heart Mask. I was inspired to make Heart Mask for the protection of the people in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and other water-poor countries against the posing threat of Ncov19. It is impossible for many, in the aforesaid countries to receive disposable masks every day. Further, some of them wear cloth masks which are washable and reusable, however, still they encounter insufficient water supply. This situation wherein people cannot sanitize their masks with clean water causes more them to be exposed to the virus and inhibits not only their daily lives but also their economic activities. But with the creation of reusable Heart masks, users can disinfect this by just wiping with minimal alcohol or water which cost less than a dime. 




Material features and Shape



Since countries that are mostly suffering from water shortages are located in hot areas, wearing cloth masks can cause serious problems on the skin of the face and cause people to remove their mask. The Heart Mask is made of  PP(polypropylene); which have heat-resistance, high rigidity, shock resistance, transparency, and flexibility, on the outside, so the heat absorption is very low and the replaceable filter inside the mask absorbs the sweat. 






Unlike other masks that fully cover the front of the mouth and nose with fabrics, this mask allows the user to breathe smoothly through the Hepa filter. Such Hepa filter material is disposable and users can add more filters depending on their preferences.



 Left mask: Type A for those who have large cheekbones.
Right mask: Type B for those who have small cheekbones.





How to use and disinfect the mask





Size and Weight

Mask distribution is one of the most serious considerations in the development of masks for developing countries. Hence, Cloth masks/ disposable masks, which account for a large volume, are struggling to comply with the voluminous demands for masks due to the international distribution crisis out of this pandemic. Now, with the advent of Heart masks, the public has no longer to set aside their protection because the Heart Mask requires minimum space. As a result, more filters and masks can be distributed among others with limited freight space.




  • Large size:  7g in weight / 0.9mm in volume / 96mm in width and 123mm in height
  • Middle size: 6.5g in weight / 0.9 mm in volume, 90 mm in width and 115 mm in height
  • Small size: 3g in weight / 0.9 mm in volume, 78 mm in width and 100 mm in height





Diverse Filters

Various filter replacement methods are been preparing according to the situation of each country
For countries which cannot procure filters that I supply, I am developing the velcro type or clip type filters as an option. 




Various Styles

I prepared three monotone coloured and transparent masks that are suitable for adults to wear in everyday life, and six colours to attract children’s interest.  This mask has 2 forms, depending on one’s cheekbone shape and size, each shape has 3 different sizes which can be resized. 





Changeable shape

users can adjust their mask’s shapes in order to remove the space/ to fill the gap between the nose bridge and the mask.  




Harmless materials

SUBART uses only materials that have been found to be harmless to the human body in national testing in mask production.


 The test result of Hepa filter


 The test result of double-sided tape with non-toxic glue





Subart is contacting International Cooperation Agencies in order to donate Heart Mask. 
If you know some relevant organizations which need Heart Mask, or you want to send these masks somewhere to protect someone please send a message without hesitations. ->https://subart.co.kr/about/