I am an expert maker of analog devices that utilize programming and digital signals. Fields of expertise include, but not limited to, sculpture, casting, carpentry, and welding. I developed depth in each of these fields based on abundant professional experience obtained while running my own commercial art business. I wish to further study making innovative devices and sustainable installations that can benefit the lives of human and animals. I would also like to expand skills in social contribution through the learning opportunities at MIT so that my effort in social services will have an extensive impact on the world.


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    The Beginning of Drawing


    The Lives of People Online

    1999/h 600 X 400 mm /  colour pens, soft pen, a piece of paper 
    This work shows a real-time Web site user interface using a log analyzer. When people access a site, a small sphere is created in a large sphere. When the user clicks on the menu inside the site, the small bead that is generated enters the buds of the flower garden and blooms When the user logs out, the flower that was unfolded turns into a bud, and the bead enters a large bead again. The color of the flower garden is divided according to the individual menu inside the site.



    2000 / h 600 X 400 mm /  colour pens, soft pen, a piece of paper 

    Through this work, I abstracted the way people or nature live their lives. They are moving differently with completely different forms, but they are gathering to create a landscape.


    Steel mill with labours

    1999 / h 600 X 400 mm /  sign pen, a piece of paper 

    The work was portrayed through the news that in Korea’s economic crisis, steel mills saw a surge in exports due to low wages and a fall in the value of the won. I show the value and survival of the workers through this work.




    Donghak Peasant Movement

    1998 / h 1200 X 800 mm / Chinese ink, poster paint, water glue, marker pen, sign pen, marker spray, a piece of paper 

    It was the first painting when I dreamed of becoming an artist, before studying art. When Korea’s economic crisis called the IMF came, the gap between the rich and the poor became the biggest social issue. To speak for the voice of people with economic difficulties, I painted the historical issue named the Donghak Peasant Movement, the first major demonstration of equality in Korea.